The Story of Zidane



My name is Zidane and I am the sister of Klose and Klinsi. Maybe you had the chance to read their side of the story and learnt about the time of our rescue. Yes, we were so lucky and we still are. But let me try to add my part of the story to the picture so you will have the chance to understand what can be done and how a street dog's life can be changed forever. And, although I am a beautiful, healthy and strong girl now - things did not always look that good for me. That brings me back to my early puppy days.


Finding myself in a black plastic bag was quite an experience and for a long time I really tried to understand why people would do such a thing and dump young puppies just like that. We just came to this world and we didn't do anything wrong. Just because noone cared about us we were of course full of ticks and flees, rather dirty, full of worms and our skin was infected with bacteria of all kinds. But why should someone dump us under another car and drive away for good? Are we worthless or do we actually have a purpose and a value?


In the meantime I know that there is dignity in being a dog and that we have a value as much as any other being on this planet. We also have a purpose and we are not at all useless. Maybe humans just forgot that we spent the last thousands of years together. We protected you and we helped you with hunting and many other things. But nowadays dogs are either pets or they are dumped on the street. And we are not the only ones. Even the buffalos and horses lost their purpose with the arrival of modern technology. But do you have the right to cancel our agreement without taking care that we still have a decent and dignified life?


I have a home now, not a shelter and not just a cage but a real home. When I was sick because I developed a dermoid sinus, which is quite common for Thai ridgeback dogs, I had a difficult surgery. There were complications after the surgery and Thomas went almost every day with me to the vet and took care that everything will be fine. During this time we grew together and we are best friends now. That's why we hug and kiss a lot. We dogs express our feelings in a different way but if you take the time and look into our eyes you can see our soul.


Yes, I have a home and I know that I barely escaped the life of a street dog. I don't have to sleep outside when it rains so hard during the rainy season and I don't have to look for food in garbage cans along the streets. I don't have to drink dirty water and I don't have to fight parasites and infections. Noone hits me and there is no reason to be afraid. I am safe here and I can be a proud and confident dog.


Please consider adopting a street dog. There are so many of us in need and you can't imagine what it means to have a real home. Please!




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