The Story of Yoko



My name is Yoko. Like other members of Khlongdogs I came here when I was still very young and helpless. I was in a home once but as it happened me and my sisters were somewhat too much for the household and one day we were just dumped on the street. Fortunately for us we were also found by a nice lady and got a temporary home. Very soon I joined Khlongdogs and I still live here because they said that they will never let me go. That is good news because I really do not want to live on the street and especially not in Bangkok.


 I am still young but I am a handsome boy now. During my time here I have heard and seen a lot and some of the stories really make you think. Yes, we cats do think and as a matter of fact: we think a lot. Some people have the idea that we cats only do what we want and never follow orders. That is not entirely true but we are more like the what-you-see-is-what-you-get type. It is however true that we are curious creatures and we are interested in all things around us. That should make us very loveable beings. Well, as nice as we actually are, we still end up on the streets much too often and that is really a pity.


 The other day we went to the animal hospital to see the vet. Nowadays it appears that many people have pets and most of them are expensive foreign breeds. Of course I asked myself why people would spend a lot of money when so many cats and dogs for that matter are just for free and available too. Then I saw a paper on a pin board. Someone was looking for a cat in exchange for a cat since the cat at home did not have the right color. Wow! Obviously cats must match the color of the Porsche or the bag or whatever else to be considered suitable. I really felt bad and I was wondering what my live actually was worth. I still consider myself a handsome boy but hey: who has a black and white car or handbag? I was devastated and told myself to be more humble in the future.


Maybe Mahatma Ghandi was right when he said: "You can judge a society by the way it treats its animals." What went wrong over the years? We cats used to be honored as temple cats, people understood that we can do more than catching mice, we were called the guardians of the underworld and it was common knowledge that we cats have special powers. Now we have to match the color of the car, we must be easy to maintain and we should go somewhere else when people have vacations or move to another place. Is this the state of the human society?


 I sincerely hope that there is no reincarnation because the people who now neglect or mistreat us might be born again as a street dog or a street cat and then they will feel it, experience it and suffer the pain of the forgotten, then they will live like many of us do. Please help our friends out there and consider adopting a street cat or street dog. Thank you!



My dear friend Yoko, the place where you used to sleep is painfully empty and I just don’t know how to look the other way since my eyes can still see you sitting over there. But now you are about to disappear behind a wall of tears and none of my silly words will ever bring you back. You are on your way. I know that. But I also know that we still are the best of friends who spent every day together, slept in the same bed and laughed about oh so many things. You came to us when no one else wanted you and you spent all these years with us and your friends at Khlongdogs. Then, on this unfortunate day, your little heart was just beating for a last time before you slept away without any chance for us to say goodbye. For you it might have been a good death but for me it is just devastating.


Call me a dreamer but I will always hang on to the illusion that such a strong bond between two living beings is made for eternity. Yes, you still are my true friend and I promise that I will look for your soul until I will finally meet you again. See you soon!


Your friend






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