The Story of Tuna



Our name is Roma and Tuna and we are brother and sister. We always stayed together even in the hard times of our lives. Our story like so many others starts in the streets of Bangkok where we lived a rather poor and unsatisfying life. But some day someone found as and took pity on us. This was the day when things actually started to improve although it took quite some time until we finally found a nice and cozy home.


At first we found ourselves in an animal hospital which takes care of many animals in their district. They examined us and did everything necessary to restore health and beauty in a cat like us. But for obvious reasons we ended up in a cage standing somewhere in one of the corridors of the animal hospital. As you may imagine: life becomes rather boring if you have to stay in a cage.


We of course got enough food and water but we had no chance to run around, to play and enjoy ourselves. We were prisoners waiting for a day that would probably never come. Every day we saw people coming and going and we saw the pets in their arms. It was so hard to see that they all had someone and that they probably all had a home. The confines of our “home” did not leave us much space and the only good thing was that we were still together – brother and sister.


But we slowly recognized that some people came to see us more than others and we noticed that they started to get friendly and even caressed us. We learned that the animal hospital tried to find a home for us and we were genuinely glad to hear this. Well, things sometimes turn for the good and we were indeed adopted. We found a new home and met other cats over there which is a lot of fun since we all can now play and run around the house as much as we like to. The view through the bars of the cage is gone and we have all the freedom we need.


We always remember the long way we have behind us that our lives would probably have ended up somewhere in the streets or alongside a khlong, searching through garbage for food and trying to find some water. Our luck was that we found people who cared about us and even the animal hospital didn’t charge anybody for our lengthy stay. They all never gave up on us and luckily we now found people who adopted us and gave us a home.


We are cats, we are brother and sister and we are Roma and Tuna. But we are also living beings and believe it or not, we also need love and attention, we like to have a home and we want to belong. Yes, we are not much different from you and we hope you will find some poor fellows like us and adopt them. We know that they will thank you forever.





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