The Story of Tiger



My name is Tiger and I just arrived here at Khlongdogs. Well, I admit that I let myself in and in a most unusual way claimed my membership. But, life rewards the brave and here I am. It all started some time ago when I talked to a friend and we both agreed that life on the street is miserable even for a small boy like me. My friend however told me that he heard about a place where guys like me are most welcome and I decided to find this mysterious place. After a long search I finally arrived at the gates of Khlongdogs but imagine how I felt when I saw that the entire compound was guarded by 12 dogs and the cat quarters were located inside the house. I quickly realized that I needed a good plan and I mean a really good plan in order to get into Khlongdogs. After all, I wanted to be rescued alive!


I waited some time until the dogs fell asleep before I gave myself a push, slipped through the gate and made my way to the other end of the house where I saw a good hiding place. There I stayed and tried not to draw any attention from the dogs. Some of them apparently smelled something but you know that dogs are not as smart as a cat. After sunset the dogs usually spend some wild time in the large garden and the humans appeared around my hiding place. It was Paporn who found me sitting in a corner and she immediately told Thomas to keep the dogs away so that she was able to catch me. I was taken into the house and put in quarantine or how I like to call it: protective custody. I made it and the fact that I had to see the vet and stay alone for one week was easy to handle since I already had enough food and water to drink.


Then came the best day of my life. I was taken upstairs and joined the others. Wow, 15 cats welcomed me and I knew that it was worthwhile to come here. Some have only three legs, other run around with only one eye but all of them appeared to be in a great mood. Now, after several days in the team I already made some friends and even the big guys who control the scene like me and I guess they still give me a grace period because I am still so small. In the night I can sleep in a large bed together with Thomas, Garfield and others and we all have a great time here. Well, there are those who say that it will take some time before I can be called Tiger but I like to think that I have the heart of a tiger and after all: this is the year of the tiger.


I don’t know what my life will bring but so far it looks very promising and after listening to the stories which are told around here I already feel great that I escaped the street. That brings me to something I wanted to ask you. Look at me, I am so small and I really do my best to fit in. If one of my friends ever makes his way to your door – please take them in and give them a home.






Today is one of those days making it painfully clear that life has a slightly bitter taste and one has to be careful not to succumb to those terrible and chilling questions which are about to kill the last spirit of your soul. Yes, my dear God, today we lost a good friend and a wonderful being but not in old age and not in the slightest way to an understandable reason. Yes, young Tiger left us today right in the middle of his greatest days and so early in his promising life. You gave him the wisdom to find our home, you gave him the strength and courage to walk through dog territory and you gave us the love to take him in our house and care for him. You pretended that this is the beginning of a wonderful life for young Tiger and you gave him friends like Lotus, Yoko and Laifu who played with him all day long. You told us to care for him and we looked after him whenever we could, we let him sleep at night with Thomas where he had his cozy place in his bed and was protected because we told him that nothing will happen to him, not on our watch.


But it happened, quickly and irreversibly. Yes, you chose a great moment when Thomas was with the doctor and Paporn took care of the dogs in the garden. They played as they always did but this time they were probably more excited and wild. However it might have happened but they bumped against a board and pushed it over. All of them escaped that falling thing except one. Tiger did not make it and when Paporn came back shortly after the accident it was already too late. She grabbed him, drove to the vet as fast as possible only to be confronted with the fact that young Tiger has passed away. No, my dear God, he didn’t make it and we hardly make it through the rest of this awful day.


Dear God, tell us why? They come from the street and escape a terrible life. We take them in and try to help them, give them a better life just to be fooled by fate. Where is the fountain of strength we need so urgently now to continue and care for all the others? Tiger was a beautiful tomcat, he was friendly and never caused any problem. What is the reason for his early departure? We do not have the wisdom necessary to understand such kind of events but we promise not to give up no matter how much pain you may throw at us because it is worth every minute and every second. But the bitter taste remains and many questions now torment our souls. What if he did not play in this corner, if he played there one hour later or earlier, if Thomas didn’t go to the doctor or Paporn didn’t care for the dogs at exactly this terrible moment.


God, please tell us why because we really want to know.






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