The Story of Thomas



My name is Thomas. I never had an animal as a child and it therefore was my first experience when our beloved Nicky joined the family during our stay in China. This relationship however changed my view towards animals in a most profound way. More than all the fun our Nicky gave us every day and more than her love and affection we were so lucky to feel, there was a deep bond which is still hard to describe. She followed us to Bangkok and we all spent the following years together. During this time I had the chance to see more than a dog but a true friend with feelings and a soul. The day she left us was one of the hardest.


She is the real mother of all Khlongdogs since she brought up our deep felt respect and the commitment to help animals in need. During the last years of her life other dogs already joined us and ever since the number is growing. There often was the point when I said that we are overbooked but once you open your eyes you also meet the cruelty, suffering and the endless pain in the streets. I have never seen so many animals in such poor condition and at the same time such a high level of indifference on the human side. There are animals deliberately beaten to death or left handicapped for ever. There are those who are disfigured because people poured acid over their face and there is the army of animals suffering from chronic malnutrition, severe skin infections and open wounds. The list is long and one really must look down in shame.


I decided to dedicate most of my time to the care of our members here at Khlongdogs. The driving force behind this effort is to provide former street dogs and cats with a home and a place where they have a chance to fully recover from their illnesses or psychic and often severe trauma and finally become healthy and happy animals again. Once they come here they are not street dogs or street cats any more. If I can undo some of the suffering and pain inflicted on my friends it will not change the great extent of cruelty but it will at least help a little. This also is the reason why animals are not kept in cages but walk freely and associate with each other as far as the rules of dog or cat society allows that.


All this corresponds with my idea that these animals must have the chance to be what they are. There is no formal training but we talk a lot and we have established rules to live with each other. It is most impessive how animals who lived on the streets of Bangkok respond to love and affection, how they can still bond with humans and how considerate they are in all matters of our common life here.


I certainly cannot undo what happened to most of them but I can be here to help them to overcome the worst fears and to return to a normal live. The reward is obvious once you see them playing, standing proud and confident and expressing their deep felt appreciation. That's enough for me.




Khlongdogs - Helping Dogs and Cats living in the Streets of Bangkok