The Story of Susi



My name is Susi and to be frank with you: I do not really know where I come from. Somehow I ended up with my sister in a garden somewhere in Bangkok and the owners of the house did not really care for us. Life was rather harsh and we did not get food or water. Now you might think that a cat should be in the position to hunt and care for itself. Well, so far for the theory and I can tell from my own experience that water is hard to come by especially during the months of the dry season here in Bangkok.


I actually thought I was very clever and I made my tours usually at night. The most attractive places are such homes where other animals stay since there is often food left in a bowl somewhere around the house. Often this is dog food but what do you care if the stomach is empty. But more importantly there is often water and that was what I urgently needed.


Well, there was this particular evening when I obviously overlooked some dogs. You know that we some dogs are not particularly friendly with cats but that is their nature. Anyway, they got me and although I put up quite a fight: I was seriously injured since they bit me in my belly. The only thing I could do was to save myself under some kind of fence. Alarmed by the terrible noise of the fight a maid came and looked for me: the victim. She immediately brought me in the house and asked the owner to come and see what happened.


Fortunately, this house was already a sanctuary for cats and dogs and the owner immediately decided to drive me to the nearest animal hospital. This is where I then stayed for about ten days in intensive care. Things did not exactly look great for me and my spirits went rather low. They started to administer strong antibiotics but the wound did not heal and the infection was even getting worse. The last hope was a specially imported form of antibiotics which was very costly but finally did the trick.


I don’t know why I deserved this but these people cared so much for me. They put the food in my mouth, pumped water in my throat, gave me all this medicine and held me in their arms almost the whole days. Even after my stay in the hospital I was too weak to walk and I found my place on a cushion on the desk of my owner. They talked to me, caressed me and cared for all my needs.


Now that I remember this dreadful time I feel very happy to be here. There were of course already another five cats in the house and I have to admit that my previous life left me rather suspicious of others. But after some time and several exciting discussions with my fellow cats I found my way to get along with them. Today I feel lucky and the life I had before slowly fades away and often just remains as a bad dream. I am no more a street cat and I am very grateful for it.





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