The Story of Snowy



My name is Snowy and I wanted to say hello because I just arrived at Khlongdogs several days ago and did not yet have the chance to properly introduce myself. As I said before, I am a new member here because I actually was born on the street in the neighborhood of Phra Athit Road in Bangkok where I was eventually found and rescued. My life there did not look very promising and I was roaming around putting my precious nose into every garbage bag I could possibly find. Unfortunately it was never enough to satisfy my hunger and to stop my stomach from calling for more. After all I am only five months old and young cats actually need a lot of food and when I say food I mean fish. But believe me: garbage is not food.


However, some nice people came along and just took me with them. They brought me to a special place with lots of other cats and an old lady who looked after us. I soon learned that this was not my real home since my rescuers started to look for another place for me. I even made it into something called Facebook where people could see my picture and read my story. So, what do you know – I looked so cute that Khun Paporn immediately fell in love with me, convinced her husband Thomas and started to arrange everything for my permanent membership. That’s how I became a proud member of Khlongdogs.





Here at Khlongdogs we have 15 other cats who all once lived on the streets. Just days before my arrival another two cats, Thelma and Louise, also came here and since they are even younger than me there is lots of fun around. The older cats were quite suspicious at first but after some time we soon accepted each other. I freely run around the house because we are not supposed to go in the garden which is the territory of the dogs who live here and you know how we cats think about dogs. The best of all is that I now can eat my own bowl of fish every some hours and sleep with a comfortably full stomach. Even sleeping is great with my special place on a huge pillow.


Oh yes, I like it here but if you read this please also think about the less fortunate ones who still put their precious noses into every garbage bag they can find.


Please adopt a cat and change a life.





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