The Story of Paula



My name is Paula and I am a real Thai dog. Born a street dog I shared the fate of many Thai dogs living in the streets of Bangkok. Although I do not exactly remember the street where I was born, I certainly remember the living conditions of our small family. My parents did the best they can to support us kids but live on the streets takes its toll. So I actually did not look that well and I turned into quite a skinny creature.


People in Bangkok talk often about us that we bother them a lot. Some of them even hunt us and try to get rid of us. But in my days we had a new governor here in Bangkok and he seemed to have some good ideas about us street animals. One day I was picked up by what appeared to be city officials and I was taken away to a place where many other dogs where gathering. I was still very young and I started to be afraid not knowing what to expect from my future.


The time in the camp was not that bad although I missed my friends. Together with all the other dogs in the camp I was examined, cleaned up, vaccinated and spayed. We also got food and water, not in abundance, but it was already much more than I ever had before. Suddenly they started to put a colored ribbon around our neck with a number on it and then they put us all in cages and brought us to a place they call Lumpini Park. I was now sitting in this park on a nice blanket and a fence around me. I stared at all the people passing by and curiously looking at us. I did not understand what happened but most of my colleagues where taken away and it looked as if I would remain there as the last one.


But all of a sudden a couple arrived and they smiled at me. After talking to some people they turned back to me and took me in their arms. I then learned that they will adopt me and take me to their home. I was exited. Some paper work had to be done and then we started to my new home. Well, almost. A cameraman approached and the governor Dr. Bichit Rattakul greeted us with a friendly voice asking what name I will have. Well, it will be Paula which appears to be a German name. They talked for some time and I was so proud to be on TV on this important day of my life.


The house of my owners was nice and the garden large enough to run around as we dogs like it. There was another elderly dog who actually liked me although I needed more time to build up my strength. In these early days I was too weak to climb stairs and I always fell down. But the food was good and plenty and I quickly became what people will call a beautiful dog. Some even admired my shiny skin and my strong appearance but you know what people say. In the following years more dogs joined us in the house and lately they even allowed cats in the house. Can you imagine?


We all live now in a new house and we have a nice garden. We dogs took over the responsibility to guard the house and especially the fence. This is what we dogs do very well and in some way we have to protect our property as well. However, in the evening we go inside our team house where we have our own room to sleep. This is great since the mosquitoes can be quite a menace during the night and we dogs hate when they bite us. Sometimes we take a walk in our neighborhood and I can see street dogs and cats in every corner. I feel sorry for them and I hope the day will come when they can find a home of their own. So, this is my story and I hope you understand when I say that I am so happy not to be a street dog any more.


My name is Paula and I died unexpectedly on March 19, 2009. There were no significant signs during the previous weeks except that I felt a bit exhausted and became more quiet and lazy. So I mainly tried to stay in my bungalow and only walked outside in the garden when I really felt like it. But one day it became obvious that something was seriously wrong since my belly started to swell a little and it was of course even more disturbing that I lost my appetite. At that time Thomas brought me to the hospital and I was diagnosed with a serious liver problem. After days of intensive treatment things appeared to look better but there was still fluid in my belly. Then in the early morning hours of March 19 I first had difficulties to breath and then lost consciousness. When I finally stopped breathing the doctors immediately tried to resuscitate me but it was already too late. I was on my way.


My dear friends at Khlongdogs, I did not have the chance to properly say goodbye to all of you and I feel that I have to comfort you a little bit with these words. A dogs life can turn out both ways: on the street or in a cozy and loving home. I started as a street dog and when Paporn and Thomas adopted me that day in the Lumpini Park I could hardly walk. I was so weak that I always felt down. Over the next more than ten years I had the privilege to meet Nicky and Joey and all of you and I felt the love and attention of my best friends: Thomas and Paporn. I never went to bed again with an empty stomach and over all these years I was never seriously sick. But the best part of my life happened over the last months when I finally fell in love with my dear, dear friend Fighter.


Yes, it was you, dear Fighter, who gave me a wonderful time and I really went through my second youth. In you I found a true friend and companion who never stopped kissing me although I never showed how much I loved you. You did not leave my side over all these months and even did not care when I played the demure girl. I loved to see you running around the garden with your three legs always looking for me and always coming back just to kiss me again and again. Now I can feel how much you suffer and I know that you are still waiting for me to come back. My dear friend, it now will be up to you to find me and I am sure that we will meet again. In the meantime be assured that you gave an old lady the best time of her life and she will never ever forget you. You are the wind beneath my wings and I promise to wait for you right next to the exit door.


And you, my dear Lisa, you now must look after yourself and you better stop fighting with your sister Mona. For many years I was watching over you and defended you whenever there was an argument between the two of you. Remember that you are sisters and together with dear Fighter you may as well just enjoy your time. Life is so short for us dogs and once you step through the magic door you can see what you are leaving behind. There are not many places like Khlongdogs and over here I truly feel sorry for all our friends who had to spend their life on the streets. So, take my advice, cool down and see your sister Mona for what she truly is: a wonderful friend and a great dog.


In the meantime our friend Joey also arrived over here and we all had a big party around the palm tree at the lake. It is a great place and we particularly enjoy the beautiful sunsets. I never imagined that I can get along with a cat but now that I met Romeo I am really in love with the little guy. Together with Nicky, Spirit and the lovely Hope we talk a lot about you guys and we share old stories about Khlongdogs. Yes, we are doing fine but we also miss you a lot. Sometimes, when you stroll around the garden and you can feel a sudden wind touching your back, well, that will be us staying next to you. We never really left you but will always be a part of what we all call Khlongdogs.


Take good care until we’ll meet again at the palm tree.



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