The Story of Mona



They call us Mona and Lisa because we are so beautiful! As typical street dogs we are quite a breed and that is was makes us so special. We used to live with our mother in the central business district but we were far from being rich. Our place was a parking lot of a school and we used to hide behind an air condition. Many dogs lived in this neighborhood and every night they gathered in our yard. But our mother and the other dogs often went away and left us kids alone in the dark. There was no food and there was no water for us.


Life was miserable.


Very soon ticks and flees took over and infested our soft skin. Malnutrition took its toll and the food provided by the school’s janitor was welcome but did not meet our needs. One night a lady came along and she stopped her car just on our yard. She brought real dog food and fresh water. Then she disappeared in the dark only to come back the next evening with fresh milk and other tidbits. This went on for days and weeks and we were always looking forward to see her again.


But one evening she came with her husband and they looked at us, discussed and finally they took us and put us in a large box. We were put in their car and then we drove away from our place. Soon after we came to a light place what appeared to be a animal clinic close to our place. We were admitted and left there for the usual clean-up. Wow, how good it felt when all the flees and ticks came off and the highlight was the grooming and bathing. After a week or so we were ready to be taken to our new home.


The beginning was rather difficult since the dogs already living in the house for some reason did not exactly like us and we had to be separated from them for quite a time. But our new owners spend a great deal of time to sit down with all of us and try to make us to associate with each other. They talked to us, played with us and patiently tried to bring us all together. We think that the other dogs were simply jealous of us new puppies. But love and understanding and of course time did their work and today we all live together as friends.


We both are sisters and we do not miss the street life. We enjoy walking around the garden and most of all the fact that all the evil is on the other side of the fence. Today we are of course much larger and we still look beautiful. That is of course if you like a breed such as us. But we can be very lovely and we developed our own style and way of life. In a way we can say that we found our real personality.


Imagine our life in the yard and how we would have turned out. Sometimes it seems a little compassion and generosity can make a real difference in life and it certainly did for us.




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