(+ 09.03.2004)

I was born in China somewhere  on a farm outside of Beijing but the farmer did not like me because he was not able to sell me. My life was rather miserable until one day two people came along and talked to that farmer. Soon after that I found myself in a cozy home ... [more]


(+ 09.04.2008)

I was very young when I was hit by a car and left on the street for good. I was lucky that someone brought me to a shelter but there was little hope for me to find a suitable home because my spine was broken. But then one day everything changed ... [more]

In Loving Memory

Khlongdogs is not a shelter but a home for strays and our members stay here for the rest of their lives. We care for them all the way but even the best care does not prevent us from facing the day when we eventually have to say goodbye and let them go. Their souls however do not really leave. There are those moments when all the

teams start to sing and rejoice without any obvious reason but to greet and welcome one of our old members. The following pages pay respect to their lives, their souls and their immense courage. None will ever be forgotten. They came as nameless strays and left as our friends in highest honor and with loving respect.


Khlongdogs - Helping Dogs and Cats living in the Streets of Bangkok


(+ 05.09.2008)

I lived in a small temple outside of Bangkok, hungry, sick and in pain with large wounds on my legs and infections which where about to kill me. But then I was rescued and treated in a hospital before I came to Khlongdogs my first and only home I ever had ... [more]


(+ 22.12.2008)

Like so many other cats I lived with my sister Juliette in a small alley somewhere in Bangkok before we both were rescued and finally found our place at Khlongdogs. My life unfortunately was cut short but my sister is still here and I am with her every day ... [more]


(+ 19.03.2009)

I was born a street dog and was a little and weak puppy when they caught me and put me up for adoption. But nobody wanted me until two nice people came along and took me out of my cage. I was a member of Khlongdogs all my life and I still miss them ... [more]


(+ 01.04.2009)

I was about to become a street dog because nobody wanted to have me. Maybe they did not see my real beauty at that time but luck was with me when I found a place at Khlongdogs where I spent the rest of my life with my best friends Nicky and all the others ... [more]


(+ 27.01.2010)

I lived on the street and one day I found my way into Khlongdogs all by myself and had to hide because the dogs there found me first. But I was finally taken in and became a member of Khlongdogs. I was still a puppy but a wild one and I had a terrible accident ... [more]


(+ 23.08.2012)

I was the most beautiful cat you can imagine but I lost one leg and also my home. When I was waiting for adoption I was so excited that I pissed on Thomas who found me there. But he said this was a good sign and Paporn agreed to take me to Khlongdogs ... [more]


(+ 30.04.2013)

As a kitten I was dumped, then rescued and put in a shelter before I found my way to Khlongdogs. I had a good live there with many friends but my heart was not strong enough and I had to leave when it finally stopped beating. I still visit them ... [more]


(+ 03.09.2014)

My only home was the street and it made me sick.. By the time I was rescued I already suffered from an acute renal failure and my time in the hospital did not really change that. I finally came to Khlongdogs where they cared for me until my kidneys finally gave up ... [more]


(+ 19.11.2014)

Together with my brother Klinsi and my sister Klose I was dumped in a black plastic bag and left for good. But we were rescued and became members of Khlongdogs were I spent my whole life until that cancer destroyed my body and forced me to leave ... [more]


(+ 08.12.2014)

My sister Mona and me lived in a school yard without any food and water. But we joined Khlongdogs early in our lives and never left it after that. I developed a chronic pancreatic problem but here they cared for me for so many years until I finally gave up ... [more]



My life on the streets was only hard and after my rescue I was first in a cage. Later Khlongdogs took me in for fostering but they never gave me away and instead gave me a permanent home were I now still live with all my friends. Little did I know that such a life was even possible ... [more]



My life on the streets was only hard and after my rescue I was first in a cage. Later Khlongdogs took me in for fostering but they never gave me away and instead gave me a permanent home were I now still live with all my friends. Little did I know that such a life was even possible ... [more]



I was in that plastic bag too with my brother Klinsi and Zidane, my sister. When we first came to Khlongdogs we were so small but they cared for us and gave us the chance to become real dogs with a life we dogs can dream of. No one ever hit us again and we had so much fun ... [more]



Strays with a spine injury have no chances to find a home and being an epileptic doesn't make it easier too. So I was hopeless and spent my time in an animal hospital until nice people came along, looked at me and asked me if I want a home. Can you believe that! Miracles do indeed happen ... [more]


(+ 22.02.2018)

When I was barking at a taxi driver to defend my lady he hit me with a stone on my head, drove away and left me on the street. My lady also turned her back on me and I ended up in a rescue station and spent months in a coma, But then Paporn and Thomas picked me up and I am here ever since ... [more]



Standing in the middle of a busy intersection in Bangkok, lost and found, I was lucky because I was rescued and given a home with so many other dogs. My injuries are gone and I look great as they say because I became a handsome boy. I love my life which begun on the streets ... [more]



Tell me about  life on the streets with all its hardship. I got sick, lost one of my eyes and urgently needed a home. But who wants a  cat with  one eye? I can tell you: the people here don't care how many eyes or legs you have and they took me in and cared for me ... [more]


(+ 01.02.2019)

Imagine a handsome white kitten living in a garbage dump, alone and lost. Yes that was me and there was little hope to see my next birthday. But sometimes life takes an unexpected turn and I was taken away and soon became a full member in Khlongdogs. Look at me now ... [more]



When they kicked me out of that building from the second floor I was ready to face the end. But then I was taken in a clinic and now I am a  Khlongdogs member. I am still afraid but I found caring friends who love me just the way i am and I am a nice lady. I got my life back ... [more]



Together with my sister Roma I was rescued and ended up in an animal clinic where we spent our time in a cage until finally two nice people came along and adopted us. We joined the young team at Khlongdogs and never had to go back into a cage ... [more]



I lived with my brother Romeo in a small street in Bangkok and our life was terrible. We eventually were rescued and brought to our new home here at Khlongdogs. My life bitter/sweet because my dear brother Romeo got very sick and died but I am still here with all my friends ... [more]



Just like my sisters I was put in a plastic bag and dumped under a car. Luckily they found us and brought us in a clinic and later we became members of Khlongdogs. We also have our bungalow and together we enjoyed our life to the fullest. We were left to die but I am still here ... [more]



I was lucky and found my way to Khlongdogs through the Internet with my friends Lotus and Jessica and we were so happy to see that our lives were finally rescued. We never had a home before and now we live with many other cats in our protected world ... [more]



When I came to Khlongdogs with my sister Lisa we both were in a very bad condition since we lived in a dark corner of a schoolyard in Bangkok. We  both were so happy when we met our human friends and found a home in Khlongdogs. We spent the rest of our lives here and I am still grateful ... [more]



In the shelter I was the smallest and I was lucky that I was selected with Dullop and Lotus to live here at Khlongdogs. My life is great and I have so many friends here  but the most important thing is that we never had to see the street life again ... [more]



Me and my sisters Potter and Garfield were born on the street but one day our mother did not return to our place. It was a Japanese girl who saw us and brought us directly to  Khlongdogs where we finally started the feline department. See how many friend we have now ... [more]