The Story of Lucy



My name is Lucy and I am the baby sister of Thelma and Louise. After my sisters were rescued Simone came back to look for me and finally found me. You must know that I like to hide and I am not exactly fond of people. Like my sisters I was born in Bangkok and spent my first weeks on the roof of a Seven Eleven shop in Soi Ruamrudee. Our mother tried her best but our older brothers and sisters all died in car accidents and we three therefore always kept close to the roof top in order to stay out of danger. Simone and her husband Yudi however noticed us up there and rescued my sisters while I was hiding and left on the roof. When Simone came back days later she finally caught me and brought me to the same clinic. Again, I was running away quickly and was hiding behind the counter of the clinic where they found me only the next day. Now the vets freed me from ticks and flees and treated the cold I caught up on the roof. I also got my first vaccinations and was kept quite busy with all those medical examinations. My rescuers contacted Khlongdogs again and Thomas immediately agreed to reunite me with my sisters who were already feeling very comfortable there at Khlongdogs. Now I am a member too!






Here I met my sisters and my new friends – another 13 cats who investigated me carefully but I survived the test successfully. Guess how surprised I was when I saw Potter and Harry walking to me. They look exactly like me - just some years older. Everybody walks around freely but we sisters have our own cage which we appreciate tremendously because we really do not want to be bothered by the big cats when we have our meals and we eat a lot. Life here is very different to our hideout on the roof. Thomas looks after us the whole day, protects us and we even sleep next to his bed. There are no cars here and we feel so relaxed. Every day we explore another corner of the house and when we take a rest we never worry about all the bad things that can happen out there on the streets.


I still keep close to my sisters Thelma and Louise and together we are as brave as the two ladies in the movie.


This is my story and I enjoy every day. Please be so kind and consider helping other cats who still sit somewhere on a roof waiting to find a warm and loving home. Please adopt a street cat when you see them. They are everywhere and we are truly great souls!




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