The Story of Laifu



My name is Laifu the Great or simply the temple cat. I spent the first months of my precious life in a buddhist temple near the city of Ayutthaya where the monks have a heart for animals. As scenic as this may sound you should keep in mind that I shared the temple with another 250 or 300 street dogs and for a young cat like me this is really not good news. There I was all by myself and every day was quite a struggle. Whenever I saw food or water I also saw many dogs around the bowl or trough and I always had to wait for one of these quiet moments when I could sneak in and grab a bite. I also tried the murky water from the nearby Khlong with very bad consequences. So I lost weight and every day my spirits grew weaker to the point where my appearance was only skin and bones. The end was near.


People often have the wrong perception that cats can survive in any situation and environment but life is as hard for us as for any other animal living in the urban jungle. However, I was taking a well deserved rest in a small corner of the temple when Paporn came around the corner. Firstly, she was surprised to see a cat in the temple but then she came closer and picked me up. Now I was surprised because I usually did not find myself in the arms of people. She took me away and approached a car. After talking to her husband they put me in a towel and placed me in the back of the car. I was about to leave the temple for good.


Wrapped in that towel I soon fell asleep not knowing where the journey will lead me or what will happen to me. They appeared to be nice people and and I was enjoying the rest in the air conditioned car. I finally ended up here at Khlongdogs and was given a small room first because I was so dirty and my skin was rather infected that I could not be allowed to join my friends in the upper floor. They put food and water in front of me but as tempting as it was - I did not eat or drink. Soon I found myself in the animal hospital and was given medicine and fluids supposed to kick start my system.


Since that time I recovered very well from my poor state and developed into my real me: a beautiful tom cat. I soon joined the feline gang and I am happy to have so many friends here. We also have a boys club with Tuna, Yoko, Dullop, Gomain, Romeo and me and what a wild team we are. We have many places where we can sleep, hide, climb, scratch or simply walk around that I almost forgot my time at the temple. Needless to say that I gained weight and got even more handsome.


Here at Khlongdogs we are allowed access to many rooms and we surely like to watch TV with Thomas. But don't worry: we are cats and know how to behave - well, sometimes at least. I sometimes think of the temple and the monks who always tried to help us animals. Now I finally have a home and can live a decent live with so many other cats. There is nothing to be afraid of and we all can be proud cats. Thank you.





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