The Story of Klose



My name is Klose and I am the sister of Klinsi and Zidane. My brother Klinsi already told you about the plastic bag story, how we all were rescued and finally became members of the Khlongdogs team. Since our three stories are closely connected this gives me the chance to tell you more about our life here. The three of us are absolutely inseparable and it probably is the best if the smallest tells the story and that would be me!


The time after the rescue was horrible because we spent quite some time in intensive care and the fact that Beckham, our little brother, died during the first night did not help to make things much better. Beckham died from one of those viruses and everybody was concerned that we will follow him. But days went by and things did not get worse. We still had to fight of course some of these other infections and all that medicine and tests are pretty tough for a small puppy. However, the day finally came when we saw our new home and the other dogs. Everything was so exciting and new.


Many months have passed since then and we all grew up and became very beautiful and strong dogs. Actually we are Thai ridgeback dogs and as such we have a very distinctive look. But looks don't matter much although we all think that Klinsi is a very handsome guy now. But when it comes to being a dog who barely escaped death or a miserable life on the street other things matter because food and water are not the only things making a dog happy.


Here at Khlongdogs we are not street dogs but we are dogs and we all have the right to develop our own personalities. We are respected. We are not outcasts or pity cases, we are not handicapped or ugly but we are friends and companions. We all regulate our life within our dog society and we make agreements with Thomas and Paporn about the basic procedures which are necessary when so many of us have to live under one roof. This of course does not always work out because we dogs are so different in our personalities and hence we have three teams here at Khlongdogs.


I myself like to sing and howl in the morning and in the evening. This might be the case because I am sure that the blood of wolves runs in my veins and I can see that Fighter and others feel the same. We play and we dig holes, we run around the garden and we like to kiss our human friends. It takes time for new members to forget the past and to trust the fact that we have a friendly and pieceful home now. But we all finally make it and recover from old memories, scars and injuries.


Many people who see us now can hardly believe that most of us once lived on the streets of Bangkok. Well, we are all diamonds in the rough and with the right care and love we have the chance to show you all the beauty dogs like us carry deep inside. Please consider to adopt one of our friends still living in the streets of Bangkok.




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