The Story of Klinsi



My name is Klinsi because me and my sisters Klose and Zidane we actually were born during the Football World Cup 2006 and that is why you may find our names somehow familiar. But indeed, we are great dogs and we love to play as well. However, our story is not as exciting as the World Cup since we were born somewhere in a corner of the great city of Bangkok and later left for good.


Although we think of ourselves as real beauties, our previous owner may have had another idea when he decided to simply put us all in a dark and frightening plastic bag just to get rid of us. In the beginning we were actually eight dogs but wait until you hear the full story. So, he put the plastic bag with all the dogs in the trunk of his car and drove around the city. He then stopped just to dump us under another car which was parked along the road side. The owner of that car somehow heard us because we were screaming for help and then she grabbed the plastic bag, opened it and there we were.


Her name is Paporn and after she placed us safely in the care of a nice lady who already takes care of some 200 street dogs, she came back the next day and decided to bring four of us to an animal clinic nearby. Unfortunately, one of us died the next day and we three had to stay for over ten days in the intensive care unit. This was quite exhausting since we obviously had some serious bacterial and virus infections and as you may imagine: this was hard for puppies like us. But the animal clinic cared much about us little ones and our new owners supported everything necessary to save our lives.


But we finally made it and now we find ourselves in a nice home together with many cats and dogs. This is exciting and there is food every day. Of course, in the beginning there was this daily ritual of medical care since we still needed some medical follow up. But now we are stronger now and we started to play and enjoy ourselves.


We already know that not every dog is so lucky and we would like to spend a minute or two to remember our siblings who didn’t make it. We almost died out there and I actually still dream at night of that terrible plastic bag experience. But see the second picture - I grew up and I am quite a proud, healthy and strong dog now. Nevertheless I remain very sensitive and need my daily portion of cuddling and love. But when Thomas hugs me and puts his brow on mine I feel safe and I know that I and my sisters will never ever end up in a plastic bag again.


After all, I became a handsome boy and I love to play in the garden with my sisters. We created kind of a racing track, dug many holes to sleep in and best of all: we have our own villa where we sleep during the hot times of the day and at night. So, we are safe and protected and we still wonder why someone put such nice dogs like us in a plastic bag.





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