The Story of Khao



My name is Khao which means white or rice in Thai. My story is basically a very sad one because I am a real street dog and grew up on the streets of Bangkok. During most of my life I did not exactly make good experiences and maybe that is the reason that I am quite a low-key personality and the latest incident actually proves me right. This was just before I came here to Khlongdogs and the story will certainly make you think.


After many different places I found a nice construction site in the central business district of Bangkok. I actually thought that the place was quite suitable because there were so many spots for a dog like me to hide and take a rest during the heat of the day. There was also a nice worker who sometimes gave me food and water although he did not have much himhelf. But one day the cement truck came into the construction site and for some reason I did not make it and was not quick enough. The truck hit me and due to the pain and of course the shock I run away as fast as I could. This was not easy but I finally made it to the second floor of the building which was just under construction. There I was - exhausted and so afraid.


But there were people working and they tried to chase me away. Since I was so tired I just sat there and did not move. Suddendly they grabbed me and threw me out of the second floor. I hit the ground somehow with my head or neck and could not move any more. The worker who usually gave me food later was fighting with the people on the second floor and Paporn who just bought some drinks at a food stall overheard the conversation. She took the good worker and came to the place where I was. They picked me up, put me in her car and we drove to the nearby Chulalongkorn animal clinik. There I was admitted to the intensive care unit because the doctors were afraid that the fall from the second floor broke my spine. There were examinations and many strange things happening but for some reason they did not start a surgery.


Obviously I was lucky and the spinal cord was not broken but I still could not move a bone. They also gave me very strong pain killers which made me so drowsy that I actually thought I was going to die. But Paporn stayed with me the whole night, took care and waited close to my cage. That gave me a lot of strength. Later she brought me back here to Khlongdogs where I still live. After several weeks in my new home I can walk again and play with Doi and Hope. Unfortunately Hope left us quite suddendly and now the little Dream joined our team. In the first weeks I used to walk around only to get food and always with my tail between the legs. Today, I keep my white tail high up and stroll around the house whenever I feel like it. I am guarding the house and best of all I can run around the garden and dig holes. I also have my own room with Doi and Hope and can sleep there during the night. No more mosquito bites in the night - can you imagine what that means. But most importantly I am no street dog any more. I have a value and I am loved. Well, this is my story and believe me that many of my old friends are jealous of my new home.




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