The Story of Kanom



My name is Kanom and I have a long way behind me to come here. Well, I am still a young girl but the first maybe 4 months of my life already pushed me to the edge and almost took all my hope to ever lead a normal life. I was dumped during the rainy season and then walked the streets of my neighborhood until I finally ended up on that bus station somewhere in Nonthaburi. I was fortunate enough to find a small bush which provided me with some protection but as you can imagine: there is little shelter from a real monsoon rain. There were of course a lot of people around that bus station but they all went away with one of these buses and no one really took notice of me. I imagined it to be easier to attract people but although I am a real eye catcher I was still hanging around the bus stop for several days.


There I was when Paporn just drove along the busy street of Prachachuean in Nonthaburi having her mind still on the job when she recognized me on the sidewalk. Since the traffic was slow moving she managed to park her car, came closer and what she saw right in front of her was me. Since I was so cute she decided to call me Kanom, the Thai word for sweets. However, I was dirty, had bite wounds and was obviously dehydrated and very hungry. But today was my lucky day and Paporn put me in her car and brought me to a vet where I was thoroughly examined, cleaned up and administered the necessary medicine to bring me back to my feet.


Paporn was busy to find me a new home since Khlongdogs was obviously overbooked. She was lucky in a way and I was taken to my new home. But somehow this did not work out well for me and after two days my adoption parents already called Paporn to take me back. So I ended up in an animal clinic again and waited in the confines of a small cage. While waiting for my fate to unwind Paporn was again busy to find me a home and she was again lucky and found a place in the far south on the isle of Kho Samui. Then the nurse came and took me out of the cage and there was Thomas waiting for me. I met him in the other hospital before and he reached out to me and took me in his arms. He talked to me and asked me if I want to be his friend. I was shaking all over not fully understanding what all this meant but after some minutes I felt warm and easy and I had the feeling that my real lucky day just started.


Thomas paid the bill and took me away to his car. It was again raining but this time my place was not under the bush but on the front seat of his car. Together we drove to Khlongdogs and I already heard the other dogs when we left the car. And then there was Khao, Dream, Doi and Hiso who guarded the gate and gave me a warm welcome. I saw the other dogs as well and Thomas took me in his arms and showed my around, introduced my to the other teams and I even met Klinsi who is the strongest of them all. I was impressed and I told myself that I should behave well now to make sure that I will not lose my home again.


The first days were not without difficulties since a new dog usually is reason for jealousy and so I had one or the other argument with my fellow dog friends. But here I have my food and I get lots of belly rubs over the day. I also have a room with Khao and the others and from now on I do not have to mind the heavy monsoon rains in Bangkok any more. Dream told me that there is great health care around here and he immediately showed me all the places important to a dog. I feel good now and I start to understand that it was more than a lucky day – I have a home and friends and people who love me.


Please consider to help other dogs and cats who must still live out there on the streets of Bangkok.



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