The Story of Juliette



My name is Juliette and I am the sister of Romeo. Maybe you already read the story of my brother and what he had to say about us. Romeo is a very intelligent cat and you will certainly find his opinions quite interesting. You must understand that we are inseparable and Romeo not only is my brother but he is the center of my life, my guardian angel and the wind beneath my wings. When we found ourselves out in the street I lost all hope for a better life. I was so afraid that we might die out there, sick and hungry and without anybody noticing our death. It was Romeo who gave me strength and who stood by my side every minute of the day. He gave me hope and kept me warm in the night when the demons of despair came to haunt me.


 Oh Romeo, my Romeo, what would I have done without your sweet little lies about a better world, a home for cats and dogs where we can live without all the fear and despair. Whenever we went out of our hiding place to look for food or water it was you who made me laugh and told me that everything will be better in just some days. Yes, I was about to give up because I lost all my strength and confidence but I followed you. And when we were shifted from one cage to another you did not give up to care for me and you made me hope for a better life. I know that you told me these stories to keep me going and to save me. I thank you for that.


 I am better now and I am beginning to overcome my fear. When I first came here to Khlongdogs I did not trust anybody - not even the other cats. I was so afraid that there will be another cage or even worse: that I will lose my beloved Romeo. But over time I realized that Romeo was right after all. We are here now and there is no cage. We walk freely and we can sleep and play wherever we want. There is enough food for everybody and I really like the seafood dishes a lot. We receive good medical care and there is always someone who looks after us and our well-being. Yes Romeo, it was right to hold on to the dream. There is a better world for cats and dogs.


Although I really got used to the place and the life here at Khlongdogs there are still bad dreams and memories. Maybe that's why I still like to sleep in the arms of Romeo. Now I am also playing with other cats here and I made many friends. I know that Romeo is still watching over me and he is never far away. I think he likes to see me happy and I can see that he is happy too. It must have been quite a burden for him to take care of the both of us and he now must find his own joy in life. However, I will never be far away if he ever needs me.


 Yes, we cats have memories and we have a soul too. Many of my friends here made even worse experiences and some still have to work on all these traumatic incidents. It takes time but finally we have the air to breathe and the environment to relax. We are cats again. Please think about what you can do to help one of our friends who are still out there. Please!




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