The Story of Jolie



My name is Jolie because I am so beautiful. But beauty isn't everything in a cats life especially if you only have three legs. My eyes are beautiful and the clear blue color will certainly beguile you. My fur is shiny and soft and many cats envy me for that. However, all this does not help you to keep your home once you lost a leg. So I was lucky in many other ways and I was found by a nice Thai lady who makes it a life's pursuit to rescue cats in Bangkok. She cared for me but could not keep me in her house for much longer. That's why we went to a pet exhibition at the Mall in Bangkapi where I was put in a cage so that people could see me.


But as soon as people recognized that I only have three legs they all soon turned away to look for one of the other cats on the show. I was sure that no one would ever adopt me and I wondered what will happen to me at the end of the day. Where will I go, will I still have a home? I got really scared and I tried to just sit there, close my eyes and avoid looking at all the people passing by. In all this hustle and bustle two people emerged and started to talk to my lady. The door of the cage was opened and I was taken out and given to Thomas. I immediately looked into his face and tried to find out what kind of person he is because we cats can see that in your eyes. But I was so scared that I started to piss on him and all I could think of in this moment was that I virtually pissed away my only chance to get adopted.


He went to the restroom to change his now wet shirt and to clean up his trousers which were of course not spared. But to my surprise he still came back and took me in his arms again. He talked to me and said that he liked me and he promised me to care of me. I was adopted and soon I left this busy place to join the Khlongdogs team. So many cats greeted me and I was not sure if I should be happy or not. I therefore considered it best to just hide under a sofa and see what happened. The other cats were curious and started to look at me, walk around me and some even kissed me.


I have a home now but my disability still makes me feel insecure. Although I can walk it is rather hard to sit and watch how others jump around and climb up the shelves. This is something I will never do again. This might be the reason that I sometimes overreact and get into unnecessary fights with other cats. Well, no one is perfect and one must defend its territory. Besides all this I am well taken care of, have enough food and water, get kissed and cuddled and medical care is very good here.


You must understand that we cats are not only animals but we have a soul and we have feelings as much as you do. We feel hurt and we feel when we are different, cannot cope with expectations and when we feel lonely. Three legs are a serious disadvantage for a cat and living in a cat society makes it hard to integrate. Having a protected place makes it much easier and I am fully aware that I am a lucky cat after all.



Dear Jolie,


the place in your favorite corner is now empty and it hurts because you will never hobble with your three legs through the room just to get there. You are gone forever and the hardest thing is that it was us who finally had to let you go. There was no accident, neither was there anything we could notice when you started to develop cancer in your throat. It was only when we noticed that you are constantly losing weight and finally stopped eating when we admitted you to the hospital. However, everything seemed normal and the doctors were rather helpless until they finally found the ugly carcinoma in your throat. Due to your age and your weakness there was no reasonable course of treatment and so we took you back home to provide you with your normal environment right among your friends.


Thinking of you brings back a lot of memories and all are worth to remember. You have been a great cat and a magnificent great soul. We all were proud to have you near us and when we stared to force-feed you every day to keep you alive we finally came closer to you than we ever could before. But force-feeding also became impossible and the vets put a tube into your stomach so we could still keep you at home and be with you. Nothing improved your condition, no matter how hard we tried.


And then came the day when you lost the sparkling look in your eyes and started staring at the wall for hours. We then knew that your time had come, that the cancer will finally take over and destroy your little body. It was heartbreaking but we wanted you to start your journey in peace and with dignity. You were just sleeping away, forever.


Dear Jolie, we all miss you so much. All the days when Thomas was grooming you in the evening, the picture when Laifu defended you against other cats, the countless times Paporn went to the vet with you still hoping to change the course of life for you. You never caused any problems but always were a formidable companion. Thank you for that. What remains is the memory, a great soul that touched our hearts forever and the hope that we did the right thing. All of us here at Khlongdogs wish you a good journey and if there is any chance, please wait for us over there.




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