My name is Thomas. As a child I never had an animal and it was my first experience when our beloved Nicky joined the family during our stay in Beijing, China. This deep relationship changed my view and feelings for animals in a most profound way ... [more]


My name is Paporn. My deep connection with dogs and other animals goes back to our time we spent in China. Living in Beijing we went out to a farm outside the city and we met our Nicky there. She was left over and there was no one who wanted her. The farmer was glad that we took her ... [more]

The Human Team

We are not a big organization but just two people who once fell in love with animals and when we witnessed the misery of all the cats and dogs in Bangkok we started to adopt. Over time we found more and more poor souls who were urgently in need for help and so we decided to dedicate our time and money to give them a home.

Since there are too many of them we also started to help the sick and injured on the street with food and medical support or finding suitable homes for them. But our resources are also limited  and so we hope to motivate others to help and adopt animals in need. Maybe you love our work and appreciate what we do.


Khlongdogs - Helping Dogs and Cats living in the Streets of Bangkok