The Story of Hope



My name is Hope. I used to live in a temple near Navamin here in Bangkok. The monks shared food and water with us but I was often alone and looking for food on the compound. One day a temple visitor hit me with his car and left me without even stopping. The monks then found me and brought me to an animal rescue because I was in a lot of pain and worst of all I could not move any more. The veterinarian found out that my spinal cord was broken right below my shoulder. Unfortunately at this time there was no one there who was ready to cover the costs of a surgery or at least an examination by a specialist. That's why I spent the following time in a cage. Over time the pain disappeared but I still could not walk. Believe it or not: I was adopted and now I am here with Paporn and Thomas and I want to take the opportunity to introduce myself to all of you. I am just about 4 months old but I am already a full member of Khlongdogs and that means that I have another 11 dogs and 16 cats around me. So, I am not alone here and have quite some friends. Most of all I like my girlfriend Doi who is like a mother to me. She lies down right next to me, kisses me and keeps me company. The best of all is that she lets me bite her and she plays with me. She is a really good friend and she already told me a lot about her own life on the streets.


I myself cannot really walk due to my handicap but I can still move around the veranda very quickly with the help of my front legs. My hind feet are my real problem now and here especially the right leg. Somehow the needed coordination does not work out properly but I try hard and when playing with Doi my legs move much better. Paporn regularly gives me a bath and I also have to move around in the water. She says that I have to do this now more often to strengthen my muscles. Well, I also met the vet and they made x-rays, took blood and seamed to examine every small inch of my body. I will have to see the vet quite often now, because the two want to make sure that I will be fine. I really have the feeling that they like me a lot.


The important thing is that I can spend the whole day in the open and since I should not hurt my hind legs Thomas already bought me a colorful playpen for kids. In there I can crawl around and play and still observe everything what is going on in the house. This is especially important since I hate to be alone. And besides, I have to see when the food is prepared. I can eat for two and luckily I really get a lot to eat here. In the nighttime I get my own cage and I sleep in the same room with Doi and Khao. Khao is someone who doesn’t speak a lot but she is a lovely street dog who almost faced the same harsh fate as I did. Taking everything into consideration: I am happy that I now belong to khlongdogs and I can feel my spirits reviving.


A specialist will now investigate how my disability can be treated or maybe even healed. Dear friends: you shall never give up Hope!


Dear Friends, today I want to send you my last words and I want to thank you for your kindness and your love during the last weeks of my all too short life which abruptly ended in the late afternoon of April 9, 2008. The day before I was still enjoying my life and I still remember me playing with my best friend Khao and Doi. We had so much fun. Later that day I was not hungry and only eat a little before Thomas brought me to bed as usual. Somehow during the night something happened with me and I really felt bad. During the early morning hours when Thomas brought me out I did not walk around as usual and I certainly was not hungry. So I was only quiet and then I started to vomit.


Paporn then drove me to the hospital. But even with the medicine my health steadily deteriorated and it started to hurt me a lot. I then was admitted to the intensive care unit and they did everything to stabilize my body functions. But again there was not much improvement and things went from bad to worse. Only some hours later I got seizures and became unconscious. I was about to die and the veterinarian did everything she could to resuscitate me but after the third attempt it was clear that I had to go on my last journey.


As far as we know I had a massive acute renal failure with damage to my bladder. Most likely this is an aftereffect of my car accident which not only broke my spine but might have left some damage to my internal organs as well. I finally succumbed to this accident.


But I was not alone during my last day and hours because Paporn and Thomas were there all the way to the end. They kissed me and put a crucifix under my small body but even their love could not change the course I was already on. And I did not go in anger since my last weeks were so beautiful and I made my experience for which I came to this world. I was loved and I had great friends.


Dear friends, please do not despair because I told you there is always hope. Do not give up to help us poor souls out there because we have no other place to go to. None of your efforts to make my life beautiful was in vain and I really wanted to stay longer. Now I am outside but I am still looking in.




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