The Story of Hiso



My name is Hiso but I used to be called Buanlua. That was when I spent my days as a high society pet, when I was carried around and my owner proudly showed me off to others. Well, I was quite a nice pet and people seemed to like me.


One day I was traveling around Bangkok with my owner when she was caught up in a fight with a taxi driver who started to physically attack her over some argument I did not understand. However, it became immediately clear to me that it was my call to defend her and I approached the attacking taxi driver to drive him away. But I did not expect that he suddenly grabbed a large stone and hit me on the head many times. Needless to say that a small dog like me cannot withstand such attack and I passed out.


As it appears today, my owner left me bleeding on the street and just drove away. I would certainly have died that day if it wasn’t for a street cleaner who picked me up and brought me in an animal shelter. The people in this shelter basically work for free but they tried to save my life. That must have been difficult for them since I fell in a coma for many weeks due to the serious brain injuries I had suffered that fateful day.


When I finally woke up I found myself in the middle of a sad situation. There were many other dogs with injuries, broken limbs and open wounds. It was a terrible scene and I felt afraid and no hope was available. Moreover, I realized that I myself was now handicapped and I couldn’t walk the way I used to. One of my eyes was seriously impaired and so I must have looked like a freak to others.


I stayed in the shelter for quite a time until a nice lady entered the door. She obviously liked me despite my appearance but she left. Some days after that I saw her again and she came with her husband. Now they took me up and drove me away to their home the place where I still stay and finally enjoy my days. I found other dogs and even cats in the house and I get along with all of them.


Although my walking skills have slightly improved they have to carry me from time to time since I still cannot jump or climb like other dogs. Well, I also cannot see very well and due to my general condition I always fall down. But that actually doesn’t matter any more since I feel that they like me and I am a member of the family. They now call me Hiso and I like to think they do this as a reminder that a high society pet can end up in misery as well. I try to cope with my condition and I know that I will always be a handicapped dog.


But I now know what love is and this counts more than all the other things taken away from me. I survived and I have a home. It can’t get any better than this.





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