The Story of Gomain



My name is Gomain. There is not much of a story to tell because I came to Khlongdogs when I was a very young kitty. But my life started with less fortunate signs and so I found myself without my mother soon after I came to this world. This is hard for a cat since we depend on our mother for some time and hardly can survive a life on the streets. There are dogs that roam the streets and many of us young kittens fall victim to one of the street dogs. Harry, Potter and Garfield lost one of their sisters this way. And there are cars, motorbikes and many other dangerous things that make survival almost impossible. But I was lucky and was taken off the street by a nice woman who helps cats in need. I later found my way to Khlongdogs through the Internet and here I am.


Since I do not have a heartbreaking story like many others here I better tell you more about myself and my friends here at Khlongdogs. Well, I am very affectionate and I really like to crawl all over Thomas and suck on his shirt whenever I have a chance. I could do this for hours but I understand that he is not so fond of wet shirts after all. I am also a rather active and sociable young guy who makes friends very easily. But life in a cat society can be difficult especially when there are many cats with a history. Some of my friends lost a leg or an eye before they came here. Others spent long time in a narrow cage or were mistreated by people. We talk a lot and I understand that some of these experiences are hard to forget. This is why I have to be very patient and understanding when some of my friends are moody from time to time. They usually have a good reason.


Sometimes we sit together and we wonder why and when we lost the love of our human friends. Did we do something wrong or why do so many people just look away when they see some of us in trouble or in need of help. Yes, some cats don't have a heartbreaking story and they look just like any other cat. But this mainly is because there was someone who took us in and gave us a home. Others have to face the harsh life of the street and many cats die young or suffer over a long period from illnesses or injuries. Adopting a cat is an effort. This we understand. But don't you think we also have some things we can give you in return?


We are not things, not toys and we do not have an expiry date. We are living beings who have as much a right to be treated with respect and dignity as any other being. We have a mutual responsibility for each other and have to care for every life. Please do not buy a pet for yourself or your children just to dump us back on the streets when you move to another house or when it becomes inconvenient to have us. We cats or dogs for that matter are not for Christmas or birthdays, we are for ever. And if you consider having a cat or dog in your life, please consider to adopt one of those poor souls out there who sleep in the rain, have no food or shelter and no medical whatsoever. We love to be a part of your life - don't give up on us!





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