The Story of Garfield



We are Harry, Potter and Garfield and we are sisters who started our lives as street cats. Actually we started off as four sisters but one of us got killed on the street by a dog very early in her life. Well, we don’t know where our mother is because she left us somewhere on the street and never came back No matter how hard we cried – she just was gone.


But one day a very nice Japanese girl made her way through our street and must have heard us. She caressed us, talked to us and eventually put all of us in her basket and carried us away to her home. But obviously her parents were not so fond of the idea to have a gang of cats in the house and so she tried to hide us under a bush.


However, she came back after a while and carried us to another house where she knew that street dogs had found a home. She asked the owners if she can leave us there and they agreed. Although we did not know what will finally happen to us we started to enjoy our first real meal in days. The same evening they brought us to an animal hospital and left us there for what they called a "general clean-up". Well, we admit that we were quite full of fleas and ticks and the dust from the street was all over us.


We then stayed in the hospital for about one week and enjoyed the treatment tremendously. We were examined, cleaned up, and got all kind of different medicine and vaccinations as well. Our new owners visited us every day and played with us which made our stay in the animal hospital even more enjoyable.


Once the clean-up was over, they finally brought us in their home, gave us our own room with a cat toilet, nice cushions and lots of great food. During the day we explore the house, play on every sofa, chair and table. Another three cats joined us later and now we have a great life and lots of fun.


Sometimes we think about our early days and our mother. We try to imagine what might have happened to us if the young Japanese girl wasn’t there for us and if we never found a new home. We probably will not be together as sisters and … let’s think about something else.


Look at us now!





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