The Story of Fighter



My name is Fighter and I have some story to tell you. It was a rather warm evening here in the suburbs of Bangkok and I was in a good mood taking a rest in one of the local mubans close to Minburi. I did not have any plans for the rest of the day and therefore was looking for a nice and cool spot close to one of these Karaoke bars which in retrospect was a big mistake. But at the time things looked good and promising and I rolled myself into a corner to take a nap. After some time several young guys came out of the karaoke bar and I could immediately see and hear that they drunk too much. But as usual I did not pay much attention until they started to attack me and hit me so hard that I tried to escape. But escape was no more possible because they hit my leg so hard that it was impossible for me to walk. Although I was in such pain they still hit me and this is how they finally left me there.


People were passing by but it took a while until someone made the effort to actually help me in my misery. I was then taken into a shelter nearby and I hardly could stand the pain in my leg. The people in the shelter tried to save my leg but as I found out later: it had to be amputated and now was gone for ever. This is already bad news but if you also find yourself in a small cage it becomes the end of your life. So I stared through the bars and considered my options. Going back to continue my life on the street will be rather hard considering that it was tough already with four legs. On the other hand there is also no chance that someone will adopt a three-legged street dog. So I realized that my chances were bleak and I started to accept the bars in front of my yellow but no more shining eyes.


There I was in this shelter and days went by without any change in my life. I recovered from the surgery but there was no leg any more and I could not see any light on the horizon. However, I became rather cheerful when the people from the shelter played with me but all the cheers faded when I had to go back to this cage.


Then Paporn and Thomas came along and they talked to the vet about me. Thomas came to my cage and asked to be alone with me for some minutes. He just sat on the floor and looked in my eyes as if he wanted to talk to me. Of course I immediately tried to explain my terrible and desperate situation and expressed my heartfelt wish to get out of this cold cage for ever. And: it worked! They adopted me right away and brought me to Khlongdogs. Here I immediately found some good friends in Mona and Lisa. Paula is usually a bit cranky and jealous but I love to kiss and cuddle her whenever possible. I have a garden to dig holes and run with my three legs around the trees and bushes. I can again take a rest in the sun and noone will hit me. I almost lost all my fear and the bad memories from that fateful evening. This is to a great extent because I am loved, really loved by my fellow dogs and humans alike. And so it happens that I join the other dogs every day singing and howling to the moon. It is our way to say thank you.





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