Yes I am Garfield but never mind we all have funny names here at Khlongdogs like my sisters Harry and Potter. When we lost our mother I also lost my hope but now I must say that life took a very good turn because we spent our live here at Khlongdogs ... [more]


I came to Khlongdogs with my sisters Harry and Garfield and it was a strange feeling to see a real house with so many dogs. So we had to stand the ground and build our own group. All that was long time ago and we spent all these years together and many others joined us ... [more]

The Feline Team

Many of our feline members were rescued as little kittens who lost their mothers and other family members who were killed by cars or  other accidents. Older cats often lost a limb, an eye or are so weak that they stopped eating and drinking altogether. Many rescued cats therefore need intensive care before they can join the team.

The feline team at Khlongdogs lives in the house with us and they share all our rooms. They have lots of space to play with their new friends, hide in cozy corners or take a rest on the bed with their human friends. They are wonderful companions and they have a safe and caring home now. Read their stories.


Khlongdogs - Helping Dogs and Cats living in the Streets of Bangkok


At the time when we spent our lives in a cage my brother Tuna told me every day that there is another place waiting for us without bars but with lots of food and many nice places to hide or sleep. You know what loving brothers tell you but he was right and I love him for that ... [more]


From the day I was born my life was a real mess. I lived on the streets, was put in a temple and at the end I was so malnourished and starving that I was too weak to walk. But I took my chances and approached some visitors, came to Khlongdogs and will never give up my home here ... [more]


I was rescued with other cats and spent some time in a shelter here in Bangkok. As a kitten I did not have much experience what a home means but one day I was picked up together with Dullop and Jessica. Very soon we arrived here at Khlongdogs which is still our home ... [more]


I lived my life on the streets but one day my luck left me when I was bitten by a nasty dog right in front of Khlongdogs. Late in the night they found me, took me in and first thing in the morning I saw a vet. It took my weeks to recover and regain all my strength ... [more]


Already as a kitten I lived on the streets of Bangkok and ended up in a shelter but there was no hope to find a home. After quite some time I taken away and we drove through the city where I entered the house of Khlongdogs - my home ever since ... [more]


I lived with my mother Becky and my sister Esma on the street and we trusted that our mother will find a way out of this misery. She did and she was very brave. I am so proud of her and now I enjoy my young life here at Khlongdogs with my friends and family ... [more]


I lived with my sisters Louise and Lucy on a street in Bangkok when a nice couple came and tried to catch us. I was afraid because we already lost some other family members but the got me anyway. We were treated in a hospital and then it was arranged that we all will have our new home here ... [more]


I never doubted that our mother will find a solution to our problem but I did not know that there are places where you get food every day and where you are taken care of. Best of all here at Khlongdogs is the feeling that we are welcome and that is more than I ever expected ... [more]


Unlike Thelma I was rather happy when we were rescued because I saw so many others who were hit and killed by cars. We were not safe in our hideout and I realized that we urgently needed help. But life was nice to us and we are still together. The best is: we are safe now ... [more]


Me and my daughters lived on the street and I decided that we need help to survive. So we went to a small park were I chose my human and approached him carefully. He looked at the three of us and then he carried us away. We all live in the house of Khlongdogs and we are safe ... [more]


Text ... [more]


Street corners, roof tops, no food or water and the ever present danger to be killed or injured - all this was not for me and I was terribly afraid about my future. At the time of our rescue I followed my sisters hoping that this is the part were we all get lucky and now we are all safe ... [more]


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