Our Facilities



Khlongdogs is not an open shelter but a resort for dogs and cats who lived on the streets of Bangkok. We believe that these animals suffered enough and now deserve a pleasant and relaxing environment which allows them to enjoy their lives to the fullest. All animals living in Khlongdogs are members for life and will have their place, care and support until they once move on to a better world.


Dog Quarters

There are two bungalows and one separate room for the dogs which provide sufficient space to house the three main canine teams on the campus. In addition we also have in-house space equipped for intensive and special care for dogs who are injured, sick or handicapped. All rooms are equipped with suitable ventilation and sleeping places. The bungalows also have professional roof insulation to avoid any overheating of the rooms during daytime. All bungalows and rooms are open during the day and allow the dogs to chose between indoor or outdoor facilities. In order to provide the dogs with a clean environment all rooms and foot ways are tiled and can be easily cleaned up. All dogs will sleep indoors during nighttime in order to protect them from mosquitoes and to provide them shelter during the rainy season.


Dog Garden

The spacious garden is shared by all teams and provides open areas to play as well as large and small trees to enjoy the shadow or find a suitable hiding place. The ground is soil and sand which allows the dogs to dig holes if they feel like it. The entire dog area is surrounded by a wall to avoid that the dogs get confused or irritated by cars, people or other animals.


Cat Quarters

All cats exclusively live indoors and occupy more or less the entire second floor of the main residential building. The stairway is equipped with additional levels to allow the cats to jump up and down the different levels, sleep on a certain level and most importantly don't fall down the stairway. The corridor provides several empty shelves and again different levels for cats to climb up to and play at will. Additional sofas, chairs and cupboards are suitable hiding places. All cats also have free access to the adjacent rooms and can freely use the rooms. Cat quarters provide dedicated areas for food and others for cat toilet businesses.


Special needs

Animals with special needs will be provided with playpens or other special equipment to meet their needs appropriately. The ground floor of the residential building serves as intensive care unit and also houses dogs with psychological problems, acute illnesses, special needs and of course handicapped and paraplegic dogs. We are fully equipped with walking bags, wheel chairs and other special needs equipments.


Animal Security

All dog and cat quarters can be monitored with a professional CCTV system and allow a complete overview of all occupied areas.



Khlongdogs - Helping Dogs and Cats living in the Streets of Bangkok