The Story of Dullop



My name is Dullop and I am the brother of Jessica and Lotus. Our story is not much different from that of Romeo and Juliette since we too were just forgotten and dumped on the streets of Bangkok. There was not much we could do to survive and we decided to hide in a quiet spot. Days went pass and there was no help in sight. From time to time we found some rice or other food close to one of the shops in the area but there was not enough to fill the ever hungry stomach of three kittens. I can't exactly tell you why we were dumped and why we lost our home but I have the distinct feeling that we were considered a burden. Most of us street cats have that feeling and it appears that the problem is growing over time.


My sisters were often crying for our mother and hoped to find her in one of the busy alleys in our neighborhood. But there was no mother and who will take care of three dirty kittens if not the mother. Later we hoped that one of the people who frequently walked through our alley will have mercy and take us back home, offer us food and shelter. But everybody appeared so busy and no one really cared for our situation. Looking around our neighborhood we could also see that there were many cats and dogs living on the street and we slowly started to understand that we probably have to cope with the situation on hand. Such a situation does not offer many solutions if you are a kitten and basically to small and weak to fight for your daily portion of food and water. And there was much competition.


I told my sisters not to cry since this would attract possible predators and I was very concerned for the life of my sisters. But they kept on crying and it must have drawn the attention of a nice lady. She approached us and looked at us for some minutes. She went away just to come back with a small box in which she put us and carried us away. For the first time in our lives we drove in a car but we were scared since we did not know where the journey will go to. When the car stopped she brought us in her house and we got some food and water which we obviously appreciated very much. There were also other cats but they told us that this home is only temporary and that we will have to find another home where we could stay permanently.


Under the circumstances we were at least save and did not fall in the hands of a restaurant owner who offers cats for lunch. The lady put our story in the internet and Paporn immediately called. So we packed our belongings and marched to our new home at Khlongdogs were we still stay. We now have a lot of friends and we are still together. This is very important since I could not stand the view to see my sisters go away. I am a rather sensitive cat and I love my sisters. Although the time in the small alley seams to be long gone there are still some dreams and memories that make me feel uncomfortable or even afraid. That is because we were so close to die or lead a completely desperate live. Yes, we were lucky but many cats out there are still looking for a home, they look for food and they need your love.




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