The Story of Dream



My name is Dream. I just arrived here at Khlongdogs and I heard about the things that happened to Hope and that she is already on her way. I am very sad about that but I am also happy that I finally found a home. Although I am still a young puppy there is much to say about my life on the street because I was born a street dog. However, very soon I found myself alone and had to care for myself. Actually I am not afraid of anything but the last weeks on the street turned out to be more difficult than I ever expected.


In the Soi where I lived was not much food to come by and I soon realized that I had to go out and roam the neighborhood. But as it turned out this is easier said than done and on almost every corner there was another hungry dog and most of them were much older than me. On the other hand a hungry stomach can make you do stupid things and soon I was bitten and had my injuries all over my body. This didn't exactly help since my skin was already infected and my hair were starting to fall out. So I was driven even further away from my Soi when I suddendly stood in front of a very busy street.


Where would I go? There were thousands of people here and all around me there was noise from an endless chain of cars, trucks and motorbikes. But I had to make a decision and so I decided to take the next way just across the street. The cars however would not stop and noone else was there to help me. Cars in front of me, behind me - I got so confused that I just stood in the middle of this busy intersection not able to help myself any more. This was the minute in my life when I was sure that I will die.


Suddendly someone tried to slow down the cars and came over to me. I now know that it was Paporn who saw me standing there. She quickly grabbed me and took me away from this awfull place. Soon I found myself in the trunk of her car and I finally had the chance to take a well deserved rest. The next days I spent in a kind of shelter because Paporn told me that she did not have any place for me to stay. I then made my round to another small hospital and because these hospitals close for the Songkran holidays a decision had to be made. I needed a place to stay.


She again grabbed me and put me in the trunk of her car and just drove with me to her home. First I saw Khao and Doi who apparently are guarding the front door of Khlongdogs. Then I saw her husband who just prepared many other dogs for the night. What is this place? I was confused. Well, now I am here and I am no more confused but member of the team. Every day I now can play with Khao and Doi and there is food three times a day. No more busy intersection and no more dangerous dog fights.


My skin starts to heal and the various bite marks are starting to fade away. I take medicine every day and I try not to be as naughty as I want to be. But that's me, Dream, and I am so happy to be safe again.





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