The Story of Doi



My name is Doi and I was a street dog. Actually I used to have a home once but that was long time ago and all that remains from this time is a fading memory. One day my protected life was over and I found myself right on the street facing the harsh reality to look after myself in a city that does not provide much for dogs who lost their home. However, I tried my best and after some time I found myself some kind of a home on one of the busiest streets of Bangkok.


Living on Rama IX road is all but easy and I had my home somewhere under a flyover. My place was  not bad considering my current situation but the disadvantage was that I had to cross some five lanes to both sides just to reach safe ground on the sidewalk of the other side. So I often took the long way to use a pedestrian bridge since my place of course did not provide me with any food or water. Taking everything into consideration; my life was neither very exciting nor was it anywhere near to my dreams. At least I was more or less safe from attacks or other incidents with humans.


One day a nice woman came and took me away from my place and brought me to her home where she had already other street dogs. She cared for us but as it turned out she run out of money and I had to change places again. At least this time I was not dumped as before but Paporn agreed to give me temporary shelter in her old house. I was there for several weeks and since no one else was really interested in me I finally became a full member of Khlongdogs where I still live.


Here I took over the care of our new arrival which is a little puppy called Hope who unfortunately is a handicapped dog. She broke her spine. I really love the young girl and like to think of her as my own daughter. We play a lot and I feel good that I can do something for another street dog. And then there are so many other dogs and even cats in the house that it never gets boring. It is great to walk around the house or play in the garden without the fear of being hit by a car and my girlfriend Khao is always there for a friendly chase.


I have to admit that I was very suspicious when I came here and I tried to hide under the car as often as I could. But with time came trust and with trust came love. Who does not like to be cuddled or get her neck ruffled. Now Khao, Dream and me share one room together. Sleeping in a closed room is quite strange when you are used to a real street life but over time you start to appreciate that you don't have to care about mosquitoes or the rain.


Well, the bad news is that I am off the market and you have to look for one of the many other dogs out there. But if you look closely you will easily find that there are many dogs as beautiful as I am. Just clean them up and you will see the hidden beauty. Don't hesitate and adopt a street dog. Please!





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