The Story of Cartoon



My name is Cartoon and I was born a street dog. Well, the first months of my life were not exactly a walk in the park but then a car hit me and broke my right foreleg. To make things worse, it all happened just before the flood of 2011 which inundated my whole neighborhood. There I was, a puppy with a broken leg and the worst flood in over 50 years.


When the water levels were rising everyone of us had to flee on higher ground. For me it was not so easy to find my way due to my broken foreleg but I quickly understood that in a situation like this everyone is on his own. No matter where we went – food and drinking water were scarce if not missing at all. The days went on and me and my friends started to lose hope that we will ever see a normal life again. And, we were hungry and thirsty. As for me, I really suffered from the pain of my broken leg but I kept on going one day at a time.


One of these days however was different. I was standing there between all the water when I saw a boat approaching. There were several people around the boat and in the boat there was food and fresh water. It was Khun Paporn with some volunteers. My wishes came true and I got enough food and water to feel great – I almost forgot my broken leg. But it was with tears in my eyes when I saw the boat leaving and finally disappearing again.


Some days later Khun Paporn came again and she was particularly looking for me. She took me in her arms and put me in a large cage and this time we left together. I later found myself in a nice animal clinic and I was shocked to hear that my leg might have to be amputated. But somehow they discussed and discussed and decided to try to keep it. After the operation I found myself with a large bandage around my leg and I spent quite some time in this clinic. Well, what can I say? I kept my leg, had enough food and attention and I felt good. Paporn came quite often to visit me and I was hoping that there might be a home for me too.


After months in the clinic they took off my bandage and I tried to walk on my own four legs. It was strange at first but day by day it was getting better. It was then when Paporn came again with that large cage and took me away. But this time I came to Khlongdogs and the first dog I met there was Nam Tan. She is a very kind dog and she immediately took me under her wings. She is also handicapped because of a spine injury and she suffers from epileptic seizures but for me she is simply my mother now. Yes, she looks after me and she tries to teach me everything needed to be a good dog. We have become a good team and now that I no longer live in a cage I can use my legs more often and run around as often as I can.


I am still a puppy and do not have a long experience with things happening in life but I have the feeling that I was a lucky guy after all. At least I am a member of Khlongdogs now and they promised me that I will not be taken away again. There is also Thomas who takes care of me and my endless hunger. In the beginning I was skeptical because you know how humans can be but since he plays with all the dogs I just followed the others and now we are friends already. I also feel better because there are many other dogs here on the campus who are somehow handicapped and since they all get good care I already do not feel handicapped anymore.


And as for you, dear reader: if you see a guy like me please do not run away but stay and help. Even a broken leg can be saved and with some compassion and love there can also be a home for guys like me. Please help wherever and whenever you can!



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