When I came to Khlongdogs with my sister Lisa we both were in a very bad condition since we lived in a dark corner of a schoolyard in Bangkok. We  both were so happy when we met our human friends and found a home in Khlongdogs. We spent the rest of our lives here and I am still grateful ... [more]


One night I slept in front of a bar when some people came out and started to hit me. I lost one of my hind legs and spent my time in a rescue station until one  day I was taken away to become  a member of Khlongdogs. Here I live in a dog bungalow with my friends and I am safe now ... [more]

The Canine Team

They were born in the streets of Bangkok or just dumped out of a house but all of them did find themselves in a very harsh environment. They are injured, handicapped, malnourished, suffer from infections and they usually were mistreated, tortured or abandoned and they are terrified. Some of our members have brain

injuries, lost a limb or were left on the street with broken legs or even a broken spine. Again others are so afraid that they need years to recover. We provide a home for them where they can live in peace and despite their handicaps or injuries be dogs again with friends and caring hands to make their lives full again.


Khlongdogs - Helping Dogs and Cats living in the Streets of Bangkok


After I got dumped from my home I found shelter on a bus station but the rain was so hard and people passing buy felt sorry for me. I was eventually rescued but in my new home they found that I am naughty but before being dumped again I became a Khlongdogs member and I am still here ... [more]


Just like my sisters I was put in a plastic bag and dumped under a car. Luckily they found us and brought us in a clinic and later we became members of Khlongdogs. We also have our bungalow and together we enjoyed our life to the fullest. We were left to die but I am still here ... [more]


When the big flood hit Bangkok I hardly survived, I was injured and I broke my legs. But then people came with a boat, picked me and put me in a hospital. One day they came again and drove me to my new home here at Khlongdogs. I am the luckiest guy in the world and I am grateful ... [more]


I was a puppy, curious and not yet street-smart at all when that car hit me and broke my spine. He left me there on the street. I was taken to a nearby shelter and then adopted to become the nicest dog at Khlongdogs. Here I have my own wheelchair, drag-bags and friends and they love me ... [more]