The new Khlongdogs Website




Our Khlongdogs Website served friends and animal lovers around the world over many years as a source of information about the dogs and cats under our care but also about all the other activities we undertook over the years to help and support strays in the streets of Bangkok. Although we always received a very positive feedback from our visitors there was the need to upgrade the site to more advanced technologies and to replace such technologies which are no longer supported in our ever changing world. Together with this upgrade we also decided to introduce a new design and we hope that our friends of Khlongdogs will find it at least as attractive as the old site.


Visitors from Germany will notice that the website no longer is bilingual and the German version is no longer available. The reason for this change is that the majority of our visitors preferred the English version and on the other hand we experienced that our work for the animals requires ever more time and hence does not leave us with enough resources to maintain a bilingual version.


The News Section will at first only start with the year 2016 but over time we will reintroduce also older articles to complete the picture of Khlongdogs and allow a better understanding for our work. It is our intention to inform you about the reality out there on the streets but also about what can be done to rescue and help these unfortunate beings. As far as this is possible under the given circumstances we do not show the usual pictures of injured and suffering animals but use our Galleries to show the beautiful side of dogs and cats who were born out there on the streets. The galleries will of course grow over time and you may use the opportunity to come back regularly.


The website therefore will for some time be a work in progress and we appreciate your feedback in case you find broken links, errors, or anything else that we should correct or improve. More than this we sincerely hope that you enjoy the site, our work and the animals we are taking care of.


We also want to apologize that parts of the new Khlongdogs site are still under development but the old website was just recently hacked and could not be restored in a quick and easy way. It was therefore easier to install the new version first and complete it over time. We hope for your understanding.


Welcome to Khlongdogs.



Thomas H. Jäkel




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