Klose with acute renal failure




Klose of Khlongdogs experiencing an acute renal failure



Klose came to Khlongdogs when she was still a puppy and she lived all these years with her brother Klinsi and her late sister Zidane. She is now about ten years old and until recently she appeared to be absolutely healthy. Then one day she refused her treats and became quiet. At first we thought that this is due to a stomach problem but it did not go away and when she started vomiting she was rushed to the hospital immediately.


The blood test was devastating showing relevant values at about ten times their normal level. It was clearly a renal failure and the doctors gave us a rather bleak outlook. Klose was then admitted to the ICU and received necessary treatment to clean the blood and help the kidneys. However, things did not improve and she looked miserable to say the least. The hospital finally advised us to bring her back home to her usual environment and continue with home care. Everything was arranged and she joined our other patients Khao, Aommy and Doi who stay in the house where we keep our own ward for home care. When the time came for a follow-up test we all were anxious but the blood test was nothing less than a miracle. Klose's kidneys almost fully recovered and kidney related values were at normal levels.


She still stays in the house and receives special care but her condition absolutely improved and she might lead a normal life for years to come. Considering her age she must remain under careful watch but we are very happy that we did not lose her in these hard times. The reason that caused her kidneys to fail is not clear.


We will continue to report.




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