Aommy and the Bladder Infection




Aommy of Khlongdogs is in trouble again



When Aommy was hit by a car two years ago his journey was not over yet and despite or rather because of his broken spine he was adopted and became a full member of Khlongdogs. Otherwise his precious little life would have been over back then. Ever since this accident the little man is somehow constantly in trouble which all relates back to this awful day when he was hit by a car and left there on the street for good. In the beginning he started to bite his own penis after licking it until there was the smell of blood which again gave him the impression that he can bite it. All because he can smell but has no feeling from the hip down.


Now his accident caused him another late problem. Due to his broken spine he can not control his muscles in the lower part of his body and as a result he also can not control his bowel movements and of course his urinary activities. Aommy therefore is showered and cleaned up about four times a day and we always try to empty his bowel as well as his bladder. However it cannot be avoided that there is occasionally some urine left which then will first lead to inflammations and eventually to a full blown infection of the urinary track and especially the bladder. A very common thing in paralyzed dogs.


When this ordeal started Aommy did of course not show any sign of pain or discomfort because he does not really feel the pain. Things then got serious when he urinated in the shower and left the whole ground in deep red color. Shortly after that his legs started to shake and he developed a fever. He was immediately rushed to the hospital and admitted to the ICU. The first set of antibiotics did not bring the expected result and had to be replaced by another brand. After many days of intensive treatment the bleeding finally stopped and Aommy was discharged and sent back home for follow-up home care.


But things did not just stop there.


Only days after his return his urine turned red again and shortly after that he stopped urinating at all. Quite obviously the infection was back as is the case with many bladder infections. Aommy was admitted again and received intensive care. The bleeding eventually was stopped and Aommy was able to urinate again. However this time he had to stay longer for observation because during the last days the catheter had to be inserted many times and Aommy was specifically busy in taking the catheter out by himself. Finally Aommy came back home again.


Now he must see the veterinarian every day for the next two weeks to get his daily intravenous injection with special antibiotics to fight the remaining bacteria which did not entirely leave his small body. This will go on until it can be made sure that even the last bacteria is gone. So it has become an ongoing story and the veterinarians assured us that this will not be the last time he will be confronted with a bladder infection.


Things however did not really go as planned and the urine test did not show the expected result. For whatever reason the antibiotics although tested as susceptible were not able to kill all the bacteria and the new test therefore still showed a considerable amount of bacteria. Now we had to face the situation that administration of another antibiotic was not advisable since there is a chance that his kidneys will be damaged after such a long treatment. As a result Aommy for the time being is treated with a low level antibiotics just to keep the bacteria under control and give his kidneys the chance to recover. It turns out that what was considered a short treatment at first will probably be a long time treatment and a constant risk that he will experience another full-blown infection or a renal failure.


We will continue to report.




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